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i want to hear you scream you like me better on my knees

The Basics...

Name: Christy
Age: Fourteen
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Sexual Preference: I'm straight.
Single?: Unfortunately, yes.. but I may be getting back with my ex soon, woohoo!
AIM Screen Name: RockinDeppaholic


10 Favorite Bands; Eh, dunno if I can pick ten... Green Day, No Doubt, Dresden Dolls, Distillers, Sublime, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Garbage, Save Ferris, Marilyn Manson, and... Ramones.
5 Favorite books: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, Go Ask Alice, aand... The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. (Does that count as a book?)
2 Songs lyrics you like and why: Umm.. "If I promise to go to church on Sunday/Will you go with me on Friday night/If you live with me I'll die for you"-Church on Sunday, Green Day... because at the moment the guy I like is kind of a Jesus freak and I'm athiest, and that kind of describes how far I would go for him.. and.. "Now I wanna sniff some glue/Now I wanna have somethin' to do/All the kids wanna sniff some glue/All the kids want somethin' to do"-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue, The Ramones... just because that's a funny song XD
Song: I don't have a favorite.
Posession: My hot pockets.. (heh I'm not just saying that for this community... I'm obsessed with Hot Pockets.)
Actor/Actress: Actor-Johnny Depp... Actress-I guess Nicole Kidman.. or Angelina Jolie.. or Helena Bonham-Carter.
Cheesiest joke you've heard: What did the mexican fire fighter name his kids?
Hose-A and Hose-B. (it's hard to tell jokes when you're typing them, lol.)

What do you think about...
(try and elaborate as much as possible)

Politics: I'm really interested in them, I wish I knew more than I do... I'm totally against Bush and his whole war and all, though... but yeah.
Cute guys in tight pants:Um... sure? Yeah, Billie Joe, he's hot... so um okay, sure?
Gay Marriage: For it 100%. That "marriage is between a man and a woman" is bullshit. You should be allowed to love whoever you want and show that love in whatever way you want.
MTV: "MTV get off the MTV get off the MTV get off the air!" -Dead Kennedys... I hate MTV. I'm sad to say that every once in a while I watch MTV2. But Beavis and Butthead, dude!
The Moderators: Well, I don't know you guys... but if you're cool enough to make a community *mildly* about Hot Pockets, then you're cool in my book.

Promote somewhere and show us: None of the communities I'm in let me promote... could I promote in my journal, would that count?

We want a mini bio on you... tell us anything about yourself such as unusual talents, hobbies, anything.
Umm... well, okay... I found this community because I did a search for Hot Pockets, so you can tell I'm obsessed with them... and I'm obsessed with hats. Yes... hats. All kinds of hats. I wanna make a hat out of Hot Pockets. And Duct tape... I'm also obsessed with duct tape. Interesting, eh? I'm not really sure that I have any hobbies. I like making things out of tape... yeeah. I guess that's about it...

Give at least one, no more than 3 pics of yourself. Ehh... fine...
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